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​ANYWHERE in North America

Over 200 countries available for construction and delivery. Including countries in:

South America
Central America

Prices will fluctuate based on country of residence. Eastern Countries will, possibly, have lower rates.

How long does it last?

How long does it take from start to completion?

How much does it cost compared to traditional construction?

Does this meet area codes and ordinances?

Can I be off grid?

GO GREEN. From solar panels to vertical wind mill sources, most people won't even know that you are getting paid to live in your home. 

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Alternative Energy

Energy Efficient 



To provide Sustainable, Affordable living, that stands the test of time.


Structural Steel Modular and Site Built Construction

Whether you are looking for a dream home, vacation home, that next small investment opportunity, or what ever your project entails, Gnu Legacy construction experts are here for you.


We specialize in large scale investments, such as apartments and condos, so you bet that we can assist you in achieving that cash-on-cash return and larger ROI.

Ready to create an impression? Your uniquely designed Home, Office, or any other structure, will do just that!

On a tight schedule? We have the system in place to allow us to have you into your new home or office in as little as 75 DAYS. Ask us how.

Design Your perfect home

​Residential & Commercial Development & Construction

For your industry leading corporate building needs, and wants, we will do what it takes to assure that your recognition  does not go unnoticed.


Spray foam insulation, floor heating, and energy efficient windows, doors, appliances and other applications will substantially limit your monthly utility bills.

When it comes to displaying your brand, and personal image, we can help you stand out. Think outside, and inside, the BOX.